North Carolina Program Annual Report 2021 to 2022 (Trails Program), a department of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR), had a terrific year in 2021-2022. This software is tasked with the development and control of the North Carolina State Trails System, which encompasses 12 kingdom trails totaling over 597 miles. Additionally, it extends its support through technical help and grants to nearby governments and non-income companies worried about trail improvement and protection.

Highlights of the 2021-2022 Year

The Trails Program accomplished numerous big milestones in the course of this period:

  • Completing the Trail Program (CTP):The introduction and funding of the $100 million CTP in the 2021 North Carolina budget marked a pivotal moment. Over the next decade, this funding will rejuvenate the state’s 12 current kingdom trails, making sure their upkeep and accessibility for all customers.
  • Designating the East Coast Greenway State Trails carolina abuse : North Carolina, in 2021, specific 102.24 miles of present greenway as part of the East Coast Greenway State Trail, contributing to this formidable three,000-mile path to be able to connect Maine to Florida.
  • Launching the North Carolina Trails Inventory: This comprehensive database of all national trails will enhance the Trails Program’s know-how of the network, enabling higher making plans and identifying regions requiring new trails or upgrades.
  • Expanding the Trails Program’s Grant Program: Over $2.Eight million in offers have been awarded at some stage in 2021-2022 to help path tasks throughout the nation, further fostering the increase of North Carolina’s path gadget.

Other Accomplishments

Beyond these highlights, the Trails Program made full-size strides in different regions:

  • Trail Construction and Maintenance Projects:Various tasks, along with new sections of the American Tobacco Trail and the Mountains-to-Sea Trail, were effectively completed, improving the path community.
  • Educational Resources:The improvement of recent academic sources, which include path etiquette and protection guides, enhances the trail revel in for all customers.
  • Partnerships for Trail Promotion: Collaborations with organisations like the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the North Carolina Division of Parks and Recreation, and the North Carolina Tourism Board helped promote trails and make their attainment bigger.

Impact of Trails

Trails have some distance-achieving fantastic impacts on people and groups. They make contributions to bodily and intellectual well-being, offer a means to connect to nature, and facilitate exploration of nearby communities. Trails additionally stimulate neighbourhood economies with the aid of attracting traffic who support neighbourhood companies.

A study by the Outdoor Industry Association discovered that outdoor endeavours in North Carolina generated $27.8 billion in economic pastime and supported over 255,000 jobs in 2020. Trails are a significant contributor to the state’s outdoor activity economy.

The Future of Trails in North Carolina

The future of trails in North Carolina is promising. The country has a strong dedication to path improvement and maintenance, and there’s a developing call for trails among humans of every age and skills.

The Trails Program is actively operating to satisfy this demand with the aid of growing new trails, improving existing ones, and setting up networks. Efforts are also underway to improve trail accessibility for people with disabilities and people from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds.


The 2021-2022 12 months turned into marked with the aid of sizable progress for the North Carolina Trails Program. With key projects realised and partnerships solid, this system is properly-organised to keep its important role in growing and handling the country’s trail system in the coming  year