Class plus is a platform made with the assistance of AI. This plays a major role as an App for Online Teaching. Indian cricketer Sourav Ganguly is the brand ambassador of the platform. The platform can be used as a form of website and app. One can book a free demon for using the platform and knowing basics of it for real. This is a start-up that is Indian and does serve here too. It is how they have made sure that teachers can have a great tool to teach in the right manner and make it worth moving for good.

Some unknown details about Class plus App

Class plus is known for its interacting way to teach. With this, they try to make sure that teachers and institution can have modern tools to teach to so many people in detail. This is why they make sure that they can state things ahead and make it worth moving. This is how they make sure that it can deliver it towards the greater good. Hence, they make sure that eople\ can have the ability to teach with the modern rates and here it solves the problems for the teachers to reach with learners with the ease.

Pros of Class plus

  • is made so teachers can have best tools to tech.
  • It is made to ease the life of individual teachers and intuition.
  • The website is made to teach with the ease.
  • It helps Indian students to adapt to the digital world well.
  • The cost per class is not as high as people think.
  • The website or start up is registered, so there is nothing like fraud.
  • They have app too, so the users can have that great comfort.
  • The app seem to have all the AI tool that makes the teaching easy.
  • Even a person can track where he or she is standing.

Class plus: Three ways it works on

  • It allows a person to take LIVE classes from anywhere with a better interactive system than Zoom and others.
  • It allows a person to sell the courses in real time and it can be a decent way to earn money. Also others can get the recipe that can help their students to earn and grow.


Looking at the website, Class plus For Creator Plan costs at 12999 a year. And Pro Plan does cost around ₹15,999/Year.

In the basic plan one would get

  • Android App
  • Web Portal
  • Sell Courses
  • Conduct Tests

In the pro plan it has

  • Android App
  • Web Portal
  • Sell Courses
  • Conduct Tests
  • Batch Management

These are the pros one can get with pay extra and that too for year. So it seems that this around 1000 to 1300 a month in INR, which is not at all a lot. This tells that plans that they have cost effective and they are ease to the pockets towards the core levels indeed. So yes, these are the things that stand out for the teachers when they wish to learn.

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