The colours you choose for your office walls and decor have more of an impact than you might think. Colours affect mood, energy levels, productivity, and more. Selecting the right office room colour scheme is essential for creating a positive, motivating environment for your team. When designing your office space, there are several important factors to consider when it comes to colour. Read on to learn key things to keep in mind while choosing office room colour.

  1. Consider the Purpose and Activities Conducted

Consider the functions of each space and the kinds of activities that take place there before choosing any paint chips or colour swatches. A place where creative work is done might not be the best place for the hue that works well for a conference room.

Go for cold, neutral colours like gray, light blue or muted green for focused work areas. Although vivid reds and oranges are known to foster creativity, they can also exacerbate tension and anxiety when working on detailed projects. 

Conservative colour schemes are also beneficial for accounting departments and other financial areas. Choose soft earth tones or light neutrals to encourage focus and critical thought. However, spaces devoted to teamwork, presenting ideas, or igniting creativity are better suited for more striking hues. Paint conference rooms and break areas in vivid jewel tones, such as lime green, bright blue, or purple.

  1. Impact on Mood and Energy Level 

The colour you paint your office impacts both mood and energy levels throughout the day. Depending on your goals, you can use this psychological influence to either perk up or calm down. Cool blue tones have a relaxing effect and lower blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels. Blue is an ideal choice for high-stress work places. It helps counter mental fatigue while also discouraging impulsive behaviours.

Cheerful yellow gets people smiling and puts them in an optimistic mindset. Using yellow in moderation promotes feelings of happiness and boosts creativity. Just avoid overusing it, as large amounts of bold yellow can trigger agitation. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, gray office colour schemes encourage focus and practical thinking. The neutral hue has a sobering, centering effect on emotions without being too dreary or depressive. Employees working in gray spaces tend to concentrate better with fewer distractions.

  1. Factor in Lighting and Room Size  

A colour that looks gorgeous on a small paint chip may end up feeling overwhelming when applied to an entire conference room. Remember to factor in the size of your office spaces when selecting a colour. Dark shades can make spacious rooms feel cozy but will make a small room feel cramped and tiny.

Lighting is another critical consideration, especially in interior spaces with no windows or natural light. Cool-toned grays and blues work beautifully in rooms filled with ample natural daylight. But pair those same shades with harsh fluorescent lighting, and the result is a cold, uninviting clinical feel.  

Before finalizing any colour choice, examine the room under the lighting conditions when the office is occupied. Bright white light allows vivid shades to pop but can make neutral hues appear dull and flat. Yellow-tinted bulbs bring out richer tones while muting bolder colours. 

  1. Represent Your Brand Identity

For many companies, office décor provides an opportunity to visually represent their brand. When planning colour schemes for various rooms and departments, incorporate key colours from your logo and marketing materials. Using signature brand hues throughout the workplace helps reinforce corporate culture and values.

Some brands take these several steps further by keeping their office design theme around their products and services. For example, an accounting firm may opt for a serious black and gray palette with pops of currency green to reflect their specialty. Meanwhile, a candy company could liven up their corporate office with succulent sherbet colours and chocolatey brown accents.

  1. Promote Creativity and Innovation

Employees don’t check their emotions and behaviours at the door. Their outlook, engagement levels, and performance at work all stem from general mood and mindset while occupying the office space. That’s why promoting creativity, free thinking, and innovation should be top priorities when arranging work areas and choosing paint colours.

The best colour schemes for sparking innovative ideas involve a vibrant mood-boosting main hue balanced out with neutral accent shades. Think energetic orange walls paired with white trim and neutral furniture. Or lemon yellow as the dominant colour with steel gray cabinets and black shelving for contrast. Pops of brighter secondary colours can also encourage creative collisions.

On the other hand, remove visual distractions and sensory strain with simple monochromatic palettes or muted earth tone combinations. Examples include seafoam green with sage trim or sand walls with rich espresso-stained bookshelves. The calming unity allows brains to focus inward and activate the imagination zone.

  1. Consider Gender Preferences  

Various studies show that men and women respond differently on a psychological level to various colours. In general, men feel motivated and empowered by bold tones like black, blue, and ruby red. Women are more inspired by soft hues including purple, jade green, and sky blue.

In gender-balanced office environments, aim for gender-neutral shades like gray, beige, emerald green or sunflower yellow as primary colours. Then incorporate occasional pops of bolder masculine or feminine tones in gender-specific spaces like restrooms or locker rooms. The overall effect feels inclusive and promotes harmony.  


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