Gov Nic deciding and sectioning over the factors of the healthcare gov is or can be stated as in the form of an interface and portal designed and streamlined to provide and for the purpose to serve and various healthcare-related services and the associated portraits and information as well as detailing to the residents of the entities based on to the United State of Rajasthan, on the subcontinent of India. This website as the related web page serves and provides in the form of and as a centralised platform for the sole purpose of reaching out and accessing healthcare related resources, government health and the associated schemes, and essential as well as the significant medicine oriented medical detailing and information.


The primary aim and objective of health Gov Nic In is to serve and facilitate easy and convenient reach and access to health services for the sole purpose of the residents of the entities based in Rajasthan. Through and by the means of this portal, individuals can and will have the ability to search and find information about and relating to nearby hospitals, clinics based, and healthcare as well as the minimal centres. Users and the consumers will have the ability to also access details about available healthcare facilities such as medical equipment and the medicine based tooling, specialised and profound facilities and services, and emergency as well as soon as possible based care.

Government and the legalized Health Schemes

The Rajhealth portal and the facilities provided and serves as a repository with the point of detailing and information regarding various government health schemes and the related with the associating zones based onto the initiatives implemented and applied in the state entity based of Rajasthan. Users and the consumers will have the ability and can learn about eligibility based sector and criteria, application and the initiative based procedures, and benefits with the advantages offered under different schemes and the strategy based planning. This feature and the characteristic objectifies and aims to ensure and just make sure that citizens are aware of the healthcare assistance available as well as reachable to them and can and will have the ability to reach out and avail themselves of the benefits as well as advantages depending on the same and accordingly.


Rajasthan gov nic .in with the realms to healthcare. In plays and serves up the importance of a crucial role in promoting and sectioning healthcare accessibility and reachability, ideas of awareness, and empowerment among the residents as well as the individual based on that of Rajasthan. By and through the means of serving and providing a comprehensive as well as exquisite range of services , facilities and information as well as the detailing ,the portal and the interface strives to and for the purpose to improve and enhance the overall health and well-being of the associated perforation and population. As and depending on the mechanization and technology continues to advance and traverse, platforms like Rajasthan gov nic .in will play and show up the same an increasing and incrementation of a significant role in shaping the future of healthcare delivery with the transposing and the based policy related management.