How do you get yourself to do something? is a search query that has remained popular for many years. Although hundreds of motivation and willpower-pushing books have been written, most of us have never become super productive and disciplined.

Many live not from the state of “I want to” but from the thoughts of “I need to” and are constantly asking how to get their body to lose weight, their brain to think, and themselves to just live.

How to Make Yourself Do Something: The Methodology of Detailed Planning

One of the most promising means is the methodology of detailed planning, or, in another way, the theory of realized intentions.

The essence of it is to imagine and plan your future actions in such detail that the brain has no chance not to fulfill them.

This technique is recommended to perform before going to bed. For example, you have decided to start a new life. From Monday, of course. And on Sunday, you lie in bed and begin to imagine that tomorrow morning the alarm clock rings. You turn it off. You get up. You stretch. You go to the bathroom. You wash your face. After that, you get dressed and go for a run or a workout. And so on.

The basic rule is to visualize everything in as much detail as possible. Thus, it’s as if you put a program in your brain. And in the morning, after the consciousness “turns on,” it will automatically begin to carry out this program. And you won’t even have to force yourself. Convenient, isn’t it?

In general, this technique is universal. Here are some recommendations for more precise actions.

How to Make Yourself Think

Thinking is a natural process for a human being. We think all the time, even while selecting a movie to watch in the evening or placing a bet at Andar Bahar online. But it isn’t always productive. It happens that some nonsense remains in your head for a long time, but you cannot force yourself to get together, and write down plans for a year or a month. What to do?

Try to find out the reason why you can’t make yourself think about specific things. The main reason is often a fear of change. If you think about it, it’s as if the next step is to act already. And acting is scary.

To overcome this fear, imagine what will happen if you don’t make yourself think or if you do nothing at all.

Let’s take the example of the store. A girl left her main job and opened an online clothing store. Everything was going well at first, but then it stalled. And now the girl has to sit down and think about what strategy to choose next.

Shut down the business? Hire someone to do the promotion? Buy a consultation from an expert? Take the training herself?

But the girl is scared. So she sits and does nothing. From the outside, we realize that if she doesn’t think about it, she will lose everything. But don’t we ourselves do exactly the same thing as her, only on other important issues?

How to Force Yourself to Live

If you realize that the situation is critical, don’t stay alone with your thoughts! Ask for help from people who will understand and support you. Friends, relatives, helpline operators, or psychologists.

If the situation isn’t a dead end, the following tips will help you make yourself live:

  • Think back to your happy periods in life and try to identify what they were associated with. Perhaps you were working a great job at the time that you were literally burning out on. Or lived in a beautiful and bright place. Or were in love. Or were full of ideas and hopes for a bright future. Try to recreate that state.
  • Understand that it’s in your hands to make your life happy. No matter how sad and difficult the current situation may seem to you, think about the fact that it isn’t forever. You can deal with it, and then there will come a time in your life when you will be happy again, as you once were. It’s possible. It’s in your hands.
  • Look at motivational movies and books. It isn’t so important whether they are fictional or based on real events. Good work makes our brains perceive the adventures of the characters as reality. And if it worked for them, it will work for us.
  • Learn to dream correctly and formulate your desires. Sometimes our lives lose their color because we don’t succeed. We compare ourselves with others and think that they have everything cool; their dreams come true at the snap. But we don’t manage to fulfill even the smallest dreams.

How to Make Yourself Win

Start by asking: Do I need it? Maybe you took first place only because it was the only way to get praise from mom. And you don’t care about these achievements.

But if winning really gives you a taste of life, you can think about how to make yourself win. We will give one brief recommendation.

The one who wins is the one who realizes that victory isn’t only the first place. The second, seventh, and even last place is also a victory. It’s experience gained, an opportunity to analyze your mistakes, improve your results, and so on. Don’t forget about it.