CroxyProxy makes greater use of new technology to support contemporary web applications. It allows video and audio streaming, authorization, comments, and other services, and unlike other online proxies, it doesn’t cause websites to break. It is the best free proxy available as a result. It enables Google searches, YouTube access, Facebook friend chats, and Twitter usage.

Your privacy is protected by CroxyProxy YouTube, a free proxy. When you browse the Internet, it alters your location and renders you invisible. Even outdated non-SSL websites are delivered across a secure connection since we encrypt all data before to sending it to you. You can view the majority of websites because our servers are spread throughout several EU nations.

Benefits of using CroxyProxy


By concealing the user’s IP address, CroxyProxy helps to safeguard their privacy. Users that are worried about internet privacy and wish to keep their personal information private may find this to be especially helpful.

Access to content that is blocked: CroxyProxy can be used to access sites that are prohibited or banned in particular nations or areas. In order to get around these limitations and give the user access to the website, CroxyProxy routes the user’s internet traffic via its own servers.


Internet browsing can be made more secure by using a web proxy such as CroxyProxy. CroxyProxy can operate as a barrier between the client and any possible risks by routing the user’s traffic via its own servers, assisting in the user’s protection from malware, phishing scams, and other online risks.

Types of CroxyProxy

Forward proxy

A forward proxy is an intermediary that connects the user and the server. It takes client requests, routes them to the appropriate servers, and then informs the clients when the server responds. Forward proxies are widely employed to improve the security and privacy of web browsing or to gain access to websites that are geographically restricted.

Reverse proxy:

A reverse proxy acts as an intermediary between a client and a server, opposite to that of a  forward proxy. Demands from users are accepted and sent to the suitable servers by it.  It also obtains server responses and sends them back to the clients. Reverse proxies are often used to improve the speed, security, and load distribution of servers.

Transparent proxy:

A transparent proxy serves as a middleman between a client and a server without altering the client’s request or the server’s answer. It merely involves the client and server exchanging request and response messages. Although they don’t provide as much anonymity as other types of proxies, transparent proxies are frequently employed to increase a network’s performance and security.

Anonymous proxy:

An anonymous proxy acts as a go-between for a user and a server while protecting the server from seeing the user’s IP address.. It may also change the server response to erase any identifying information. It alters the client demand to add another veil of anonymity. Anonymous proxies are frequently used to safeguard internet users’ privacy and to obtain websites that are restricted in a specific area.

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