Are you loo king to watch MMA, NFL, and the NBA for free on the internet? Methstreams can solve your purpose. The best part about this website is that you can stream virtually every sport match on a regular basis completely free. The platform offers numerous things to view, however, it’s a platform specially designed for those who love watching sport matches. So, when you plan to stream something on this site, make sure you take your time and learn about the games or sports which are live-streamed. Let us explore more!

    Methstreams Overview

    Self-described by its name “Crackstreams 2.0,” this site is an update of the well-known Crackstreams domain. Methstreams is a sports website that covers a variety of sports,  and primarily focuses on sports like boxing, UFC, WWE wrestling and much more. Although the categories are very few, the streams are stable, reliable and of high-quality.

    With a simple to use interface, sports streamers won’t be flooded with pop-up advertisements. Even if they’re on the internet an effective blocking tool can keep them away from popping up.

    Many people believe that they need to sign up Methstreams to stream any match. But, there are no such hassles and you can just open the website using any working link and select the game you wish to see.

    A 100% free website offers everything in HD with amazing resolution. Ensure you find something that you truly watch your favorite match.

    Sports Categories At Methstreams

    The site offers incredible sports categories in sports to satisfy the diverse tastes of its users. A few most popular categories on the site include:

    Tennis: Feel the ferocity and excitement of Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon, The Australian Open, the French Open , The US Open, and covering ATP and WTA events.

    Basketball: Watch slam dunks and three-pointers by watching Methstream’s coverage for the NBA, EuroLeague, FIBA tournaments, including other famous basketball leagues across the globe.

    Boxing: If you are a die hard fan of bloody fights, the Methstreams boxing segment is one you should explore. Methstreams boxing video provides an interactive chat feature at the bottom of the page which gives you a sense of being part of the community as you can discuss your joys and tears with those watching you.

    Football: Methstreams covers the top football leagues in the world, including The English Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and more.

    Cricket: For those who love cricket, the sport streaming offers live streaming of International cricket matches, domestic leagues and some major tournaments like World Cups like the ICC Cricket World Cup.

    Motorsports: Enjoy the thrill in Formula 1 races, MotoGP championships, and other adrenaline-pumping motorsport events by utilizing Methstream’s extensive coverage.

    Devices Can You Watch Methstreams On



    Android TV


    Apple TV








    Why is Ivacy VPN Necessary to Stream Live Sports on Methstreams?

    Streaming sports online is among the most frequent reasons people use Ivacy VPN. Using Ivacy VPN, you can access restricted content in certain locations. For instance, you can use a trusted VPN to connect to Luxembourg and stream the whole Formula 1 season for free.

    Another reason why people use Ivacy VPN when watching live matches is that this protects them from dangerous hyperlinks and other third party trackers.

    Most of the time you’ll get a prominent “unsecured site” notification in your web browser when you go to streaming websites for free. This is simply because they contain harmful websites. Alongside having the VPN is crucial to install an efficient antivirus software together with an effective blocking of pop-up ads.

    Ivacy VPN protects the user’s online connection by using sophisticated encryption and an untraceable IP address. This means that no scammers, hackers or any other third party lurking in the background are able to determine the true identity of the streamer.

    However, there are still areas where VPN service is not permitted. Using VPN service in these regions could put you in serious troubles. To avoid problems like this make sure you consult an attorney in your area. If they agree to make use of the VPN service, you may sign up to one and use it to stream sporting events on Methstreams.

    Watch MethStreams on Firestick/FireTV: A Guide To Follow

    • After hovering over, click search. Find within the main menu.
    • Click on “Silk Browser.” Select the first option available.
    • Under Apps and Games, click the Amazon Silk browser.
    • Hit the download button.
    • It Takes a couple of seconds for the Silk Browser to install. Silk Browser to install before pressing open.
    • Open your Silk Browser and type something into the search box.
    • After entering your URL, click Go.
    • That’s all! Methstreams now lets you view hundreds of channels for free on your Firestick or TV.
    • Once you’ve visited this site for streaming sports We recommend that you connect to a VPN to secure your online identity and stay clear of the most common geo-restrictions.

    Alternative Sites to Methstreams


    A game-focused best MethStreams alternatives website that allows viewers to participate in various sporting games. Designed specifically for die hard fans to get live scores and live streaming from all over the globe. One of the most innovative features is QR code scanning that lets the user use the camera on a smartphone to gain access easily.


    This MethStreams alternative website lets you stream networks like Fox Sports, YES Network, Olympic Channel including others. Because of its sole focus on the US marketplace, USTVGO has little to provide field hockey or cricket players.

    BBC iPlayer

    Another well-known top MethStreams alternatives available in the UK. To access the site you will need an UK IP address in order to access the site from your area. You can stream soccer, golf, football, cycling, basketball using iPlayer. In addition to streaming live content when you’ve successfully unblocked iPlayer outside of the UK you’ll also get access to sports highlights and other special events.

    Other Similar Websites Include:

    Boss Cast


    Mama HD

    Sport surge

    Batman streams

    First Row Sports



    Red Stream Sports

    Feed2 All


    Vip League

    Hot star


    With plenty of sports streaming and compatibility with a variety of devices, it ensures that fans can follow their favorite athletes and teams in action from any place. Give it a try for sure!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is MethStreams Legal?

    The content that you can watch on this site are on platforms that broadcast illegal sporting events or games and that’s why you should be caught using this platform by authorities or distribute illegal content.

    Can VPN affect my streaming speed?

    A VPN service by itself doesn’t necessarily lower your internet speed. However, the speed can get affected by various other factors.

    Is Methsteams Free?